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  • conference interpreting (simultaneous) en liaison interpreting (consecutively): rate per day or half-day, excl. travel expenses, charges depend on type of assignment, the number of hours or days involved.
  • court interpreting: rate per day or half-day, excl. travel expenses.
  • interpreting for civil-law notary: fixed rate per deed;
  • An hourly rate may be agreed for short assignments.


The price of a translation, or indeed, a proper one, is very much related to the nature (complex or accessible texts), size and desired deadline of delivery. A rate per word is charged. In general, sworn and certified translations take more time for layout and finish.

A minimum rate of € 50,- applies to all translations
Large numbers of words will of course qualify for a discount rate.

So please, do get in touch with me and I'll quote you a tailor-made price.


Charges for the use of the tour guide system are €50 up to 3 listeners, any higher number by agreement.

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